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Realize Your Most Marvelous Life!

You are uniquely created to do something special in this life. Knowing the very essence of your creation and make-up will allow you to tap into your personal reserves and bring forth something truly special that only you have the ability to offer to this world.  Your mindset and perspective will be elevated and expanded so you can really see how beautiful, powerful, marvelous and magnificent you really are.
There is no one else built like you or fashioned to do what you were created to do. And that’s why your particular life must be discovered. The real value of why you exist must be uncovered and given a chance to live.
You will no longer cheat yourself of life’s opportunities, but fully maximize the fruitfulness that your specific life, gifts, and talents can open up for you and only you. No one can do what you do quite like you do it.
To best illustrate this, consider your fingertips. Even though each finger on your hand belongs to you each fingerprint is still unique. ­That’s what knowing who you are looks like. There’s no other fingerprint that’s an exact duplicate to another one anywhere in the world.
You will gain the following insight:

  • How to create happiness and fulfillment through knowledge of self
  • How to become more confident and courageous to take inspired actions
  • How to obtain real freedom to step into the life you were created to live
  • How to tap into those unfulfilled dreams by discovering who you are


Unleash Your Inner Brilliance & Make Things Happen

Before you can effectively lead others it’s important to understand who you are as a person. It’s important to act and be more confident in all that you do. A strong feeling of confidence in yourself and your abilities will allow you to naturally motivate and inspire the best in those around you.
A leader lives in everyone and knowledge of that will create opportunities. On a quick journey of self-discovery, you’ll learn how to uncover obstacles and open doors you’ve closed in your life. This will also  place you on target to not only be a better leader, but a better more powerful YOU—for life, not just a few days after the program is over. Spend a fun, inspirational and thought provoking time with yourself while learning to:

  • Recognize the power of your unique strengths, gifts and experiences
  • Put your mindset to work
  • Gain greater influence
  • Push past any fears, excuses or barriers that hold you back
  • Set realistic and achievable career and life goals


The Power of an UP Woman: Undeniably Powerful!

Even the most timid of women have a power deep inside that’s ready to spring forth at any moment. Tapping into your own personal power can be an experience you’ve never imagined.
In this energetic and fun program, DeLores Pressley, will share the key characteristics of an UP—Unbelievably Powerful—Woman.  An UP Woman is ready to lead in her community, her career, and her personal life. With confidence and grace you will learn to:

  • Show up in a more powerful and confident way
  • Differentiate yourself in a competitive world
  • Wake up feeling more excited about yourself and your work
  • Find your voice, speak your mind and live with passion

As an UP Woman you will:

Stand UP – for what you believe in

Step UP – to be a team player

Speak UP – and be heard

Fire UP – by being a motivating and inspiring leader


Making Powerful Connections That COUNT

Everyone has the power to connect, but not everyone knows how to connect. Connecting with people, in person and online, is critical in today’s highly competitive marketplace.
Networking can be anxiety-provoking for many people, yet it’s absolutely essential for your success. The vast majority of business transactions take place between people who have connections that are more than just commercial. Connecting with people, in person and online, is critical in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Networking is an effective way to build your career and business.  This program will provide you with techniques to develop rapport and leverage opportunities.
Learn to:

  • Use social networking sites to your advantage
  • Discover simple and natural connecting techniques to help you build relationships, improve your career mark and generate more referrals or business
  • Gain a clear and powerful path to develop rapport, leverage opportunities and expand your network to include connections that count
  • Connect, engage and develop powerful relationships


Supercharge Your Success: Powered by DECAF

Have you had your DECAF today?
We’re not talking about a beverage. We’re talking about a powerful way to take control of your own development and skyrocket your confidence. It’s a whole new attitude that will supercharge your results.
DeLores is brimming with simple yet powerful strategies to get you percolating with excitement about your potential … once you know the DECAF method to success.

  • Decide your needs – Learn to become crystal clear about your specific needs and goals. You’ll increase your chances for success.
  • Empower yourself – Discover the joy in giving yourself permission to be bold, powerful and successful.
  • Commit – Enjoy phenomenal success by keeping commitments to yourself and others. Everyone who has achieved great things has a powerful back story about their commitment to be the best and do their best.
  • Act – Develop the discipline to take at least one powerful step forward every day. You’ll soon find yourself at the finish line.
  • Follow through – Don’t let your great ideas die due to lack of inaction. Learn how to motivate yourself to follow through on even your most challenging tasks.
Recent Speeches
  • Union Pacific Railroad: Women’s Lead Conference (Omaha, Nebraska)
  • Department of Social Development and Gender Affairs – Turks and Caicos Islands Government (Turks and Caicos Islands)
  • Pink Power Breast Cancer Awareness Tour – Vidant Health (Greenville, NC (7 cities in NC))
  • Odyssey Women’s Network (Naples, Florida and Amelia Island, Florida)
  • Pink Power Conference – Phillips Arena (Atlanta, GA)
Past Speeches
  • Athena International Leadership Conference (Chicago, Il)
  • Kellogg (BattleCreek, MI)
  • For Women Only Seminar – Liberty Christian Center (Fairfield, CA)
  • Roche Pharmaceutical Tour (7 Cities in Michigan)
  • Council Women of Color Conference (New York, NY & Beverly Hills,CA)
  • Athena International Leadership Awards Ball (Rotherham, England)

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